We have a proven track record of educating our clients and saving them thousands of dollars. Now, we're proud to announce we offer sewer video inspections!


At Westlund Inspection Team, we find problems other less-experienced inspectors miss.  With over 15,000 home inspections under our belt, we walk roofs, squeeze into crawl spaces and use top-of-the-line technology to assure you get a high-quality home inspection.  



Being a smart inspector requires a combination of great education, innate intelligence, and an insatiable desire to keep learning.  Owner Joshua Westlund is a Yale graduate and second-generation home inspector. His father impressed upon him the industry motto:  Education is never as expensive as ignorance.


Many rehabbers cut corners in order to maximize profit. One way they do this is to hire cheap, low-skilled workers who lack the training and experience to do good work.  At a recent Logan Square rahab, we found that the rehabber’s “plumber”  connected hot water to a toilet.  It’s not always possible to find a defect like this on an inspection since a flush or two usually...