Let's face it:  No house is perfect. We find anywhere from 10 to 30 issues in an average single family home. Many inspectors describe these issues in black-and-white terms:  It’s either functional or defective. This can overwhelm and confuse clients because sellers rarely, if ever, address every issue found on an inspection.

Due to the fast pace of the attorney review process, buyers have to decide quickly which issues (if any) they would like the seller to address (either by fixing them or providing some form of compensation). WIT’s inspection report is designed to help buyers identify the most important issues. We classify defects in our reports in 8 different categories to ensure a nuanced report. We learn about each client’s unique needs and goals, and write each report with those in mind. This helps our clients make smarter purchase decisions. 

Going above and beyond.

WIT goes way beyond Illinois licensing requirements. Here's how:

  • We walk roofs. We carry 22-foot ladders to all inspections. Others view roofs from the ground to avoid hazards. 
  • We squeeze into crawlspaces, while others view them from the access hatch to avoid critters. 
  • We inspect common areas for condo buildings four stories and under.  Although many inspectors look at interiors only, we think common area inspections are vital because they're where you tend to find the most expensive problems.  
  • We test all accessible interior components including outlets and windows.  State and national standards simply require testing a "representative sample" of interior components, which is defined as one per room.  We've done this long enough to know that the window you don't open or the outlet you don't test is the one with the problem. 
  • Our service doesn’t stop once the report is sent. We’re happy to assist you with any questions you may have, now or even ten years from now. We help clients review bids from competing contractors, and review documents from sellers to help determine whether repairs were properly made.



Burt completed our inspection and was very thorough throughout the process. After we received our detailed report, we submitted repairs to the seller. When we had a disagreement with the seller on a certain item, Burt went out of his way to explain why the repair was necessary and supported his recommendation with manufacturer’s specs. Ultimately, the seller agreed to the repair and we closed on our first home!
— Gregory D