Becoming a licensed inspector takes two weeks. Becoming the best takes years. 

Illinois requires just two weeks of training to become a licensed home inspector. After that, the state requires just 6 hours of continuing education annually.  Scary, right?  All of WIT's inspectors are certified by The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), the industry's oldest, most-reputable association, as well as the only institution to require inspectors to perform over 200 inspections to qualify for membership. Far surpassing state guidelines, WIT inspectors also receive 60 hours of continuing education annually.  

As 'home-inspection' nerds, we're always learning.

Many inspectors work in a vacuum. They work alone, and only learn from their mistakes when an angry customer calls or they're served notice of a lawsuit.  

We spend countless additional hours doing research (included as part of our standard inspection fee) for clients regarding unusual inspection issues.  We read technical manuals, discuss issues with specialists and learn from each other.  Yeah, we're "home inspection nerds," and proud of it.

We're industry leaders. 

Company owner Joshua Westlund is a second-generation home inspector and a Yale graduate. He serves on the Great Lakes Chapter of ASHI's Peer Review, which conducts one of the industry's most rigorous tests. Typically, less than 20% of participants pass the Peer Review, which requires the inspector to find certain major defects in a home and report his or her findings to a panel of experienced inspectors.




The best thing about Westlund Inspection Team is their spectacular reports. I received an extensive report that was complete without being excessive, easy to understand without dumbing things down, and included numerous images that made recollection easy. The in-depth report helped my attorney build a strong case for the seller do additional work before closing.
— Michael W