Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Joshua Westlund, President

After a career as a music critic, Joshua Westlund left  journalism to help his father start the House Inspector Co. in the early 2000s. Before long, he was training new recruits, ultimately mentoring over a dozen inspectors. He also co-wrote the book Get to Know Your Home, a guide to common defects found on home inspections. 

After more than a decade as a home inspector, Joshua created WIT to serve clients throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. In his free time, Joshua enjoys cooking, playing music and spending time with his family. 


Josh trekked through snow up to our waists to get a good look of as much of the exterior as possible and came back to inspect the roof after the snow melted. We learned about every inch of the home we bought. As first-time home buyers, he put us at ease.
— Lauren S

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Becky Vlamis, Operations

Becky juggles the schedule and managed all operations for Westlund Inspection Team. She's usually the the voice you hear when you call the office. 

She also executes all promotions and maintains the company's website and social media profiles. Prior to her time at WIT, she was a radio producer for both Chicago Public Media and NPR. During her off hours, Becky likes to hang out with her super-cool daughter and occasionally sneak in the odd black-and-white movie.